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Strange Academy: Wish Craft with EXCLUSIVE bookplate

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Your copy arrives with our EXCLUSIVE book plate featuring Dr. Strange! Both the book and the book plate are signed by Skottie. Book plate is removable and suitable for framing on 130# uncoated cover stock.

COLLECTING: Strange Academy issues 13-18

The Strange Academy kids go out for a night on the town in New Orleans! Some of the students decide to take a tour of a famous NOLA graveyard…and you know how stories about teens in graveyards usually go! But Emily takes a very different field trip of her own — and the secret origin of Zoe Laveau is revealed! Then, nothing can prepare you for a glimpse of the future of the Strange Academy…and the entire Marvel Universe. You won’t believe your eyes! But one thing is for sure — whether in the present or the future, school life doesn’t get any easier for the students of the mystic arts!

Written by Skottie Young

Artwork by Humberto Ramos

Published 8/3/2022

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