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Skottie Young

Skottie is an award winning writer, artist, cartoonist, author, and any other fancy word that applies to making stuff up and playing pretend for a living. For over two decades he has been writing and drawing comics for Marvel (Wizard of Oz, Deadpool, Strange Academy, Rocket Raccoon, and more), Image comics (I Hate Fairyland, Bully Wars, The Me You Love In the Dark, Middlewest, TWIG and more) and just about every other publisher there is. He’s been nominated and won several Eisner and Ringo Awards as well as a Bram Stoker Award and a few others he can’t remember because his kids played with the trophies and they no longer exist. He’s spent over a year on the New York Times Best Sellers list and it was mostly because of his creative genius and not because he adapted Baum’s classic Wizard of OZ novels or because he illustrated a children’s novel written by some writer that goes by the name Neil Gaiman. Oh, and he’s drawn somewhere in the realm of two million Young Marvel covers for Marvel Comics.

Frequently Asked Questions for Skottie

Stupid Fresh Mess

In 2019 Skottie Young decided to stop running his business like a kid loaded up on Fun-Dip while operating a lemonade stand and launched his company STUPID FRESH MESS. He brought on Megan Hodges to run things and she quit exactly 4 hours later. Or at least, he thought she did. She actually just ran to her car to get her readers but Skottie’s pretty dramatic and made assumptions. Along with John Young and the occasional help from a cast of various characters, STUPID FRESH MESS creates, produces, sells and ships Graphic Novels, Exclusive Comic Book Covers, Original Art, Prints, Stickers, Original Art, Apparel and more!

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