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I Hate Fairyland Vol. 6

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Skottie brings back the hit comic I HATE FAIRYLAND in this volume collecting issues 6-10! Your copy will be signed by Skottie and comes with our EXCLUSIVE book plate featuring Gert which is also signed!

Death by a thousand Gerts! King Cloudeus is determined to finish what his sister Queen Cloudia never could: kick Gert out of Fairyland FOR GOOD! And the only way to do that is have every Gert who ever lived battle each other to the death. Who said there's only so many Gerts to go around?! They clearly haven't read this comic. OG Gert returns to find the last key to escape, but is it too late, and will she become a Lifetime Citizen of Fairyland?Written by Skottie Young. Interior art by Brett Bean.

Age Rating: M

Publication date is January 24, 2024

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